Chandran Gallery in San Francisco is pleased to present their final showcase of 2019, Soft Serve, a solo show of new works by San Francisco-based painter, textile and mixed-media artist, Kindah Khalidy. Soft Serve will be the artist’s third solo exhibition at the gallery. Although primarily an abstract artist, Khalidy’s immersive works have a language of their own, where intuitive mark-making and nearly figurative gestures are unified into a common visual aesthetic. From paintings to sculpture, objects to installation, Khalidy gives her world an approachable universality, and yet mysteriously vibrant.

One of the signature qualities of the works in Soft Serve are the scale. As Khalidy has practiced in past shows at Chandran Gallery, including her massive floor-to-ceiling textile installation for her 2018 exhibition, Surprise. That installation allowed the viewer to be consumed with Khalidy’s process and practice, almost to surround the gallery with her creative universe. For Soft Serve, Khalidy will be applying this immersion to her paintings, with her large scale paintings creating an environment where the viewer begins to be subconsciously part of the paintings. Where in the past Khalidy would almost create works that already had the feeling of being zoomed into, Soft Serve is about consuming the viewer with the power of the size of the marks and shapes. The larger, denser works begin to form landscapes, challenging the ideas and forms for which abstraction and figuration meet and flow off of each other. 

Chandran Kindah2019 12 web

Along with the larger painting will be a collection of mixed-media collage that focus on Khalidy’s current explorations into working with, and layering, new materials. Many of the works feature layered upon layered washes, colorful and dense. As with most of the artist’s work, the process and development of textures that can be achieved by layering materials is a central theme and key detail when looking at Soft Serve as a whole. Throughout the new body of work, the questions of how abstraction and non-figuration can be immersed into our lives is a key, and how through these constructions we begin to find new meanings and approaches to viewing art.