Power has been the center of society since time began, the great halls and vales of power dominated mostly by males, with many problems attributed to this testosterone-infused world. Wielding the imposition of force, the Alpha male dominates the rest, sporting opulence, muscle and power, and we find ourselves constantly competing for someone or something. From a society that nurtures a culture of winners by use of force, try to imagine a world created by oppressed minorities. Would they focus on care, respect and balance instead of currency and vanity? Would we have the same outlook for our planet?

On September 13, 2019, Mirus Gallery's San Francisco space will host a new exhibition, Facts and Desires of the Anthropocene, by Valencia, Spain-born Mario Mankey, whom you might remember for his installation at The Haus in Berlin, a work that went viral on social media for months. Focusing on some of the societal ills we see across the world, Mankey peers into an uncertain and frightening future, but hopes for a balance of emotions, impelled by optimism. "Using the Mario Mankey name, I manifest the underlying contradictions between human and primate," the artist says of his moniker. "I work on human behaviors I find disturbing. I focus mainly on the eternal contradictions of the modern individual as a result of their ambitions and limitations." 

Mankey's Facts and Desires From Anthropocene will be on view from September 13—October 5. 2019.